Builders of The Most Fun Vehicle on the Planet! In 1999, WaterCar started as a personal challenge to build the world’s fastest amphibious vehicle. Our early WaterCars were purpose-built vehicles, to be very fast on both land and water. After January 2010, when WaterCar established the Guinness amphibious speed record with our Python model, our attention turned to reliability, and we began designing a vehicle to offer to the public. Fourteen years, countless successes, and failures, 27 patents, and untold labor hours later our personal challenge has been achieved.

The Panther, our first WaterCar to be offered to the public, was created by our WaterCar team and was designed to be a fast and fun vehicle, in many ways a sports car on the water. In 2020, we decided to investigate building a more utility type of vehicle. Our latest version, the H1-Panther is the product of countless hours of design, engineering, and testing.

Throughout the H1-Panther development, the commitment was to engineer a versatile amphibious vehicle built with proven off-the-shelf components that are recognizable throughout the automotive and marine industry. Our WaterCar team has achieved that goal.

Each H1-Panther is a custom vehicle built by an incredible team of professionals who take great pride in what they build and how it ultimately performs. WaterCar’s goal is to build a vehicle that is a source of enjoyment to you and an ongoing source of pride for us.

Using the Humvee as a base, the H1-Panther is constructed out of high-strength aluminum, which is much stronger than fiberglass. Historically, amphibious vehicles that were jet-powered would clog and fail in debris-filled water. The new model needed to be powered by a prop capable of powering through the debris. It was a must that it was a 4×4 drive with adequate ground clearance for off-roading, yet still have a deep enough vee in the hull to manage rough water. It must be able to work in all climates, it needed to have an optional top and full doors with a good heater along with air conditioning as an option.

It was mandatory that the vehicle would fit in a 20-foot container, so it could be shipped anywhere in the world. All this was a tall order considering most amphibious vehicles typically end up being poor driving cars and terrible performing boats due to all the engineering compromises that must be made to build a vehicle capable of driving on the water.

With 20+ years of experience and all the successes and failures behind them, this turned out to be by far the most challenging project the team has ever attempted.

The end product speaks for the skill and tenaciousness of the WaterCar team. Capable of highway speeds on land and thirty-five knots on water, the four-wheel-drive H1-Panther transitions between land and water in under 20 seconds. The body is constructed out of high-strength aluminum and is designed for operating in some of the harshest conditions. We use the most durable and strongest parts available. With its large stainless-steel prop capable of running in the dirtiest water to its low range 4 x 4 huge mud tires, it is still comfortable to be driven down the highway.

The H1-Panther is a true amphibious utility vehicle that can be used in the most brutal conditions. The H1-Panther is by far better than any other amphibious vehicle ever built to date.

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